Don’t get complacent – Remember:

thy4unw7oeDon’t let Donald Trump become the new normal
John Oliver: Donald Trump “Is Not Normal”
Keith Olbermann – No this is not normal pre-presidential behavior

Now that “fake news” is being addressed by both Facebook and Google,  maybe the next step is for Progressives is to encourage critical thinking.  Here’s a Chrome Extension That Will Flag Fake-News Sites for You.

During the next four years we can expect some turbulent times under a Trump presidency.  However don’t expect the Congress or Judiciary to hold him accountable.  With Republicans running the show for the next two years all we can do is protest and hold them accountable in 2018.  Meanwhile this site will be kept up to date with links to investigative reports concerning Trump and the Republicans.

We may have limited power now,  but let’s use our frustration as a peaceful call to action.

Month 1 – November 2016

bengazeteciyim-1With newpapers’ subscriptions declining, its difficult for them to finance good investigative journalism.  Support a free Press!!  Buy a subscription today.  Here are only a few…

Washington Post
New York Times
Rolling Stone
The Guardian

November 11, 2016

Since the election I have thought a lot about what Mike’s reaction would be to the upcoming Trump presidency.  There are high emotions on both sides right now, however I think Michael Moore put the Country’s problems in context very well on “Morning Joe” today.  He shows great empathy and understanding towards middle America while standing by his principals against Trump.   -webmaster
Watch the video or download

September 29, 2015

The website has been updated with a new look and the lost audio files have been restored.  Thank you for remembering Mike.

November 14, 2009

It’s been several years since Mike’s death and we miss him very much. Mike’s legacy is the countless people he inspired to fight for what they believe in.  Now that Mike is silent, it’s more important than ever for your voice to be heard.

In memory of Mike, and in the spirit of the ongoing work of progressive voices on the air, we invite you to support the progressive shows listed below.  Progressive media always has an uphill battle, so please support it as you did Mike.

Stay informed, be vigilant, and become involved!

Mike Malloy
Keith Olbermann
Michael Moore
Peter B. Collins
Thom Hartman
Rachel Maddow