About Mike

Born and raised in San Francisco, Webb had an early interest in radio. As a teenager, he was a street reporter broadcasting observations of civil rights, anti-war protests and youth issues for San Francisco radio stations KMPX, KQED and KCBS. KMPX was the nation’s first “Progressive Rock” station formulated by the legendary Tom Donohue and took a very unapologetic stance of Advocacy Journalism. At age 15, Mike vividly remembers clutching his Sony TC-100 tape recorder while dodging rocks and billy clubs as police and protesters regularly confronted each other on the City’s Market Street during the anti-Vietnam War marches.

One of Webb’s most memorable and personal on-air experiences was reporting the savage murders of Gay S.F Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone by deranged ex-City Supervisor, Dan White. Working at ABC, just blocks away from the City Hall tragedy, Mike climbed to the station’s rooftop, giving live reports of a city in great shock and grief. Later, when the guilty verdict rendered just a 5-year sentence for White, outraged citizens took over City Hall, bashed in the doors, overturned police cars and started fires. Webb’s audience got a birds-eye “view” as he joined every major TV network on that same Polk Street rooftop reporting all the activity.

Mike continued as a San Francisco air personality, working for legendary stations K-101, KFRC and KSFX.

Coming to Seattle in the 80s, Webb has hosted shows at KPLZ (K-PLUS-FM), KEZX and KZOK. He served as Program Director of KVI from 1984 – 1991 and at KIXI until 1994.

Hosting talk shows since 1996 at KIRO, Webb also finds himself involved in Beltway politics, making occasional trips back to Washington DC. Lobbying for Hate Crimes legislation and Ted Kennedy’s Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), has gotten Mike into some interesting situations including a shouting match with Martina Navratalova about whether being Vegetarian or Coming Out is more important. When he’s not doing the radio show, Webb produces audio and does voice-over work on documentaries, industrial, internet and commercial work at his studio,mikewebbmedia.com

Favorite Interviews: Attorney Gerry Spence, activists Michael Moore, and Norman Soloman, UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, “Serving In Silence” author, Grethe Cammermeyer.

Mike was murdered in his Seattle home April 14, 2007 by a roommate that he was attempting to help become substance free and had lived with Mike for 6 months. Mike himself has been substance free for about 18 years and frequently assisted others in becoming “clean”.